The right to decide

I believe that we should all try to win when its a competition. To think different does not make sense. That being said, everyone deserves the chance to prove themselves, to see what they have. To test their heart. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win. But ultimately to make a choice to compete is the decision of the individual.

A few years ago a man missing the bottom part of his legs decided he wanted to run the toughest sprint known to man (400meters is a sprint not a run). He not only competed but he won. He won regionally, nationally, internationally and became an Olympian. If it seems that someone does not “deserve” the chance to compete, look at yourself and say “why not?”.

If people compete on an even playing field with equal skill what is there to worry about? Nothing.

Rant over

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What does it take?

1lb of fat=3500 calories
Walking 250cals per hour=14hours
Running 11kph 800 per hour= 4.5 hours
High intensity circuit 900 per hour= 3.8 hours

This is a rough estimate based on a person who weighs around 200lbs.

I don’t feel a rant and rave is needed to make sense of what you should and shouldn’t be doing.
Simply put, if you are trying to lose weight follow the following formula:

If you are going to run, run fast. If you are going to weight train, train hard and continuously. Breaks are for Kit Kats.


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Slugfest Fighter Bios

If you don’t know already Durham Boxing Academy, Bruckmann Martial Arts and Urban Athletic Promotions are holding a amateur fight show on Sunday September 9th 2012 at 2pm.

These fighters and their opponents have been preparing for some time now and as crunch time approaches the energy to fight is building up. Each fighter has a personal reason for fighting and taking to the combat arts. For some its the challenge of the unknown. Some believing that only steel can temper steel. Whatever it is, these young men will pit the skills they have learned against an equally matched opponent. Below is a little intro to each fighter.

Garrett Vernoy
Boxing:7 years
Other: 10yrs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Reason for choosing combat arts: “To be a better person”
Fighter/ Martial Artist of choice: Chuck Norris
Athlete of Choice:Jim Brown NFL Champion(Pre-superbowl) Often called one of the greatest football players that has ever lived.

Boxing:3 years
Other: 6yrs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 14yrs wrestling
Reason for choosing combat arts: “I was born into it and was wrestling at the age of 5”
Fighter/ Martial Artist of choice: Bruce Lee
Athlete of Choice:Kael Snaderson. The only NCAA wrestler to go undefeated in official matches with 100 wins. Olympic gold medal winner in Athens 2004.

Brandon Rea
Boxing:3 years
Other: 1yr Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 1 yr kickboxing
Reason for choosing combat arts: “My grandfather was a boxing fanatic and I grew up watching legends like Holmes and Norton. It seemed like path I had to take”
Fighter/ Martial Artist of choice: Juan Manuel Marques.
Athlete of Choice: Anderson Silva. The UFCs longest reigning middleweight champion.Considered the number one pound for pound fighter in the world by by many.

Boxing:4 years
Other: None
Reason for choosing combat arts: “To stay in shape and i enjoy fighting”
Fighter/ Martial Artist of choice: Mike Tyson
Athlete of Choice: Michael Jordan. 6 time NBA Champion with Chicago Bulls,6 time finals MVP,10 time NBA scoring champion and regarded by many as the greatest basketball player of all time.

Garret Mole
Boxing:1 years
Other: 2yrs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 1yr Mua Thai
Reason for choosing combat arts: “I love the pace and speed”
Fighter/ Martial Artist of choice: Muhammad Ali
Athlete of Choice: Tom Brady. 3 time Superbowl Champion, 2 time Superbowl MVP

Other: 2yrs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 2yrs Hapkido
Reason for choosing combat arts: “I like to punch people in the face”
Fighter/ Martial Artist of choice:Marvin Haglar
Athlete of Choice:Brett Lawrie

Hopefully this has given you a little insight into the young men who will be fighting on our jam packed show “September Slugfest”

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Big brains…

“I dont ned to work out” 

When I hear that r any of the other common statements about working and activity it makes me think of the deep sea creature that ejects its brain once it has settled on a rock. Never to move again. 

Why are our brains so large? Its quite simple. Because of movement. The human body is capable of complex muscular contractions unlike any other living species on out planet. Sprinting, jumping, throwing darts, hitting a tiny white ball 400 yards into a hole the size of a cup in just 4 attempts. As well as this, the ability to breath and talk are all things that require precision of movement.

We are not deep sea creatures. We are creatures with brains designed for movement and activity. I do not need to cite one hundred different articles on the benefits of activity. It is apparent in our society what happens when we don’t move. It is also apparent when we do. 

So next time someone says “I don’t need to work out”. Answer them by saying “No you don’t, but your brain does.”


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40 and fierce

ImageWe all want to be in better shape. We all want to have the energy of our youth. Some of us never find it. Some of us do. One of those people is a great friend and an awesome client of mine. A wife and mother of two amazing daughters. Sherine 🙂

Sherine has been training with me for over 3 years now and has always strived to do more and do better. Like most of my female clients her initial worry was “looking big” and being overly muscular. Through time and trust she has realized it takes more than 3 30 minute workouts a week to put on enough muscle to be considered “big”. What HAS happened is the increase of strength, fitness and total well being. Being able to do 8 full bodyweight chin-ups is a challenge for most fit men, let alone a 40 year woman with small toned arms. She deadlifts close to 200lbs and can out sprint women half her age.

I could continue to tell you about the things that Sherine can do but iI won’t. My point is, with a focused goal, continuity and hard work it is possible to reach points that you had initially thought were impossible.

Age is not the barrier. Your beliefs are.


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Workout shoes:The truth is…

On average, each one of us will take between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day.

Its been decades since people wore the correct foot wear for workouts. It seems that sports companies make numerous types of “running” shoe and very few workout shoes.

The sometimes smelly appendage that hangs off the bottom of your leg lies at the base of the kinetic chain and is the only part of the body that relies on the ground to create movement. The structure and coordination of the foot is key to creating fluid movement throughout the rest of the kinetic chain. Any issues with the biomechanical function of the foot means a problem in the biomechanical function of the rest of the body.

The foot works very well, especially when bare. Athletic should be designed to assist the foot and not take it away from its primary function, movement.

Over the years certain types of footwear have become fashionable and been reputed as good and comfortable. We are all familiar with those gross looking rubber clogs or with the amazing Birkenstock shoes.These shoes are fantastic…When you are standing still! But as soon as you start walking they cause serious issues with the feet and body. the same can be said about shoes for men and women. Oxford style shoes for men are the best to wear although some flexibility s allowed as long as the shoe has only a medium height heel. I am not going to start telling the ladies out there to ditch the stilettos because 1. I don want them to and 2. I may start receiving hate mail. The same rules apply for athletic shoes. One of the biggest problems with athletic shoes is that people wear ones with too thick of a sole. The body is wired to function with foot to be low to the ground, the higher your shoe is off of the ground the worse it is for your body. Brands of shoes that often work well are Diesel, Puma, Adidas, Converse, Kenneth Cole, Ecco, Mephisto, and many other brands with laces and proper fit.

If you don’t believe me go and visit your local Podiatrist.

Hoep this helps you think next time you pick up a pair of “sweet” Nike training shoes. They will look great for a short time but will more than likely hurt you. Remember, you should wear shoes for the activity you are taking part in.

P.s. running shoes are the worst type of gym workout shoe you can wear.

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5 exercises for a better butt

You want toned…. hang on. Before we continue this I want to clarify a few things. I hear you all out there in blogworld saying “Here he goes again!”. Well, here I go again *insert an ear to ear grin*. Toning, shaping, sculpting or defining is just a mask word for building muscle and dropping body fat. these words are used to make them seem less threatening. In actuality they are said to make it sound easier. I think you should know what you are getting yourself in for and thats muscle building and fat loss. End of conversation.

With that out of the way we will talk about the exercises that will give you the best bang for you butt! Ah.. that sounded weird. hmmm.. Let us continue.

Be sure to realize that when training for a nice pair of gluteus you are going to be training other parts of the leg and lower body too. I will explain no isolation exercises as they may cause a muscular imbalance in the hip and knee joint, especially in a beginner. So for now 5 simple, but tough movements for your butt.

1. Squats. This exercise is not only great for building muscle in the gluteus and legs but has great carry over strength for sports and everyday living. Follow the link below for technical advice

2. Sprinting. Sprinting will give you the firmest gluteus know to man. but sprinting is not easy to do. Remember it is not running fast. It is an all out full blast of speed. I would suggest hiring an athletic coach to teach you this amazing and fast working form of exercise. Its not just good for the legs but the entire body!

3. Long Lunges. What an excellent exercise for stimulating the musculature right at the crease where the back of the leg meets the butt. One thing to make sure while doing lunges is to make the step LONG! As long as you can.

4. Lateral Hops or skaters really help stimuate deeper muscles of the hip joint like the piriformis. You may ask what the piriformis is? That question will be answered when you do the movement. You will feel it deep in your outer glute.

5. Hip extensions on the stability ball. The action of the hip during this exercise is similar (not the same) as sprinting. Due to the extended range of motion you will hit the entire gluteal area.

I hope you try these exercises out at the gym and they help shape the behind you have always wanted.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or message me at

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