Greatest exercise ever…

For years there have been many debates on the greatest movement or exercise of all time is. Personally, I would choose an olympic style clean and press. Every major muscle group is required to perform it and any weakness in any part of the movement shows up instantly. ONE problem! It takes numerous amazing movements to perform it. Deadlifts, upright rows, front squats and a push press so…..

The Deadlift. This is one exercise that really takes limited mobility (unlike a squat which can take above average joint mobilty) and has great carry over effect to the real world. When i say real world i am talking about the world that normal human beings live in. Not the world of elite athletes and weight lifters. The deadlift teaches people how to pick something up. Not only that, it strengthens and conditions muscles of the back and lower trunk area. A huge problem in our society.

Second to the DL I would have to say Squat then chin/pull up, push-ups and then the list could go on for another 3 pages. 

What say you.

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