Workout of the day. Test yourself.

Every now and again it would be wise to see where you are physically. To know how strong you are and also to test your fitness. Below I have set out a some bench mark tests for you and you alone. Test yourself once every 10-12 weeks to track your progression. It will give you a chance to see what exercises you are strong at and what needs work. *REMEMER: FITNESS IS A COMBINATION OF STRENGTH, CARDIO RESPITORY/VASCULAR FITNESS, BALANCE AND FLEXIBILITY * if any of these factors are missing you are limiting your ability to become the best you can be.

All tests must be completed to total failure in order to give yourself a fair bench mark. Give yourself a 2 minute breK in between each test

Endurance Test

1 mile run on treadmill
Chin up. Arms fully straight. Pull chin above the the bar. The test ends when you let go or you can no longer get
the chin above the bar
1 minute squats. Thighs must be level to the floor or lower for it to count, so find yourself a mirror.
Pushups for 1 minute. Chest must touch the floor and arms must fully extend. The hips must stay off the floor.
Sit-ups for 1 minute. NOT CRUNCHES!!!!! Fingers must stay locked on the temples. Elbows must pass your knees.

Strength Test 1 rep max( have a spotter when attempting these maximal lifts

Deadliest. From the floor to a full standing position.
Standing shoulder push press. Bar must start on the shoulders and finish fully locked out above the head.
Squats. Thighs must become level with the floor.

You will note there is no bench press. You choose to do it if you wish but the three exercises above are chosen because of the functional application. As a bench press uses a static piece of equipment to assist the exercise it has been omitted.

I hope you have fun with your tests!

If you would like more information on fitness tests or would like programs designed specifically to help you build strength or endurance send me a message at

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