Bad movies…

Bored on Saturday and a little too hung over to go blading or play a game of tennis I decided to go and see the latest Jason Statham movie, Transporter 6. Oops, it’s not a Transporter movie. Its called “Killer Elite”. Those two words are a sure fire way to get any male with a teaspoon of man juice in his body to Sit in a movie theatre with geeks who they would not even sit in the same room as if they were offered the winning lottery tickets.

Killer elite promised a lot from the trailers. Explosions, crazy fight scenes and of course Robert Deniro. A behemoth of the cinematic world. And let me tell you, it DID disappoint. Yes, I said DID! From the outset it was laden with unrealistic gun fight scenes and oddly toned bullet pops. “it’s the movies! Is it ever that realistic?” I hear you say. My answer is, I don’t know. But I do know there have been numerous movies where I believed that is what it would be like. Heat, Hurt Locker and even the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece Full Metal Jacket Re but a few that give you a sense of realism. This movie was based on a true story and seemed so outlandish that I wanted to leave. Some of the British colloquialisms were overused and unfunny. The premise was good but the implementation was garbage.

Save your money and wait wait for The Expendables. It will not try and be more than what it is. Just another action movie.

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