Why we exercise.

I was training two of my clients today and we were talking about running and after that conversation it got me asking myself. Why do I exercise? To you it may sound silly as people know that activity and exercise has always been in my life and you also know that I could not live without it. But that does not give a reason as to WHY I do it. I suppose the reasons have changed over the past 2 decades. Firstly, it was a spot thing. My parents had me playing football(soccer-a
Game I still have found no love for) and then martial arts and then swimming and then a morose of different things that I put myself into. Anyway, my reasons have changed because my wants, needs emotional and physical have also changed. I guess I have moved from wanting big arms and abs to having a body that is strong and capable of keeping me mobile and active for the rest of my earthly life.

I put the same question out to my Facebook contingent and got some humorous responses. I am sure hidden behind the jokes there is a serious reason for all of us. Please post a comment and let me and others know exactly why you do it. I am sure you will find that for all the people have a similar reason to you there are many others who have a complete opposite reason. Give me your feedback, I would love to know!

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1 Response to Why we exercise.

  1. Andrea says:

    To feel comfortable and confident. Two things that can take you very far in life.

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