10 reasons to Bootcamp with DBA as written by our members

1. Dropped 2 pant sizes over the course of one Bootcamp. Melissa Landry
2. Lost 10lbs and 6 inches from the waist. Kelsie Sheeler
3. Healthier, stronger and improved confidence. Melanie Johnson
4. lost inches in arms, waist, hips and legs and people are actually commenting on the definition they can see in my back, shoulders and arms. Jennah Cheesman
5. Lost 20 pounds and most of my baby belly. Karen Francis
6. Better than any fitness class I have ever attended. Carolyn Hall
7. Toned up considerably in a couple of months. Antoinette George
8. Boxing is a great way to relieve the stress of every day life. Kelly Lloyd
9. losing weight, sleeping better, and am much happier all around (just ask my boyfriend 🙂 . Amanda Morari
10. Brock and Andrew are the most amazing trainers and friends a girl could have and I’ve been a loyal club member for 3 years strong. Laura Crocker

These are just a few of the reasons others have joined our Bootcamp. Could you be the 11th?

Durham Boxing Academy

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