Morning Bootcamp

I decided to start this blog before the Bootcamp begins. It’s sort of a recap from the work our group of hard nuts got done yesterday. Our 5 and 6 pm classes were Quiet yesterday hosting 6 and 4 respectively. Its nice when I can have smaller numbers but I do enjoy the energy of the larger groups as well. 8pm, which is slowly turning into our busiest time (maybe we should add a 730?) , had 10 people. 6 minute run, some shadow boxing, 4 rounds on the pads working technique(and the general hum of the ladies chit chatting) followed by 3 punishing rounds hitting the bag. Oh! Did I mention these guys don’t get a break. Before they had a chance to take off the smelly hand wraps I was on teem like white on rice putting them through chin-ups, pushups, dips, sledge hammer chops and anything else I cared to throw in there! They all looked like they had a tough time but managed it none the less.

Today is lower body. What shall I do today..?

So this morning we had one solitary bootcamper. Awesome! After working rope drills for head movement and having one on one time getting her punches perfect with our very own Brock Arthur it was time time for me. 3 minutes pulling a 50 lb sled, 270lb leg press supersetted with jump squats, plate sprints and stability ball leg curls and to top it off 5 50 meter dashes. Oh did I mention the 100 meter sprints I. Between all of the exercises?!?! Given the chance all of our boot campers are capable of this type of work. It just so happens she had a one on one with us 🙂

Happy day to you all.

If you have any questions feel free to post your question with an email and I will gladly answer it for you

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