Morning bootcamp

So the day went well yesterday after having the chance to do a one on one with one of our bootcampers. From there it just progressed to a truly great day. I had my usual mother/daughter group come in and wow did they ever get a workout! For 45 minutes they went non-stop with upper body exercises(3 30 second breaks… But come on that’s not really a break). From pushups to elastic battling ropes. From chin ups to medicine ball throws there was no athletic movement left unturned. Needless to say they left workers out and smiling.

The early Bootcamps both had 4 people in them. I put them through some resisted jump squats with elastic. Plate mountain climbers and a myriad of other exercises to push them to the limit. With the final 8 pm class (12 people) I kept it simple for the most part. Squats, Kettle bell swings, lunges etc.

This morning two girls are here… What to do? Hmmmm… Some Olympic bar work, I think maybe some throwing today as well. Shot putt sounds about right 🙂

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