Why we fight

As we grow we are told not to by parents, friends and countless authorities. We are then told to “fight for our rights”. Granted that they don’t actually mean fisticuffs or beating someone over the head with a bat but the roots of the word are physical.

If we are told not to do it, why do we do it? Why do awe still get into an argument and hold back the urge to strike a person. And why, if we are so against the act of fighting in our society, do we spend colossal amounts of money of watching people do it? Is it a sick and voyeuristic tendency that lays dormant in the mind of every human being. Or is it the natural instance of being what we are… Innately violent.

MMA fighters, boxers, muay Thai fighters, kick boxers and many other combat sports get the chance to express what many of us wish we could. An interesting fact is I have not met a fighter who is not more thoughtful, genuine and appreciative than the regular Joe. In any profession you are going to find idiots and people who are just plain rude. But, I believe, due to the nature of a fighters job he is less violent, less likely to fight than the average man.

This begs the question:

When people get into an argument should we just let them fight if they want to?

I remember numerous times as a kid my brother and I may get into a fight and spend 15 minutes beating the daylights out of each other but an hour later laughing and giggling like two hyenas. There have also been times where we have been told to “cut it out” and our behavior has caused tension in our relationship for days if not weeks, when a simple bit of ruff and tumble would have fixed it in minutes.

Over the course of he next few months I shall be interviewing numerous professional and amateur fighters in an attempt to discover why people fight and what are the motivations behind it.

I hope you will return and to this site to be kept up to date

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