I WANNA BE JACKED! Sure you do…sure you do…

After spending 17 years in gyms, working out and around “fitness people” I have realized that so many people are running after an impossible dream. This Dream is fuelled by the constant bombardment of so called perfection and ideal bodies that are shown to us on a daily basis. It does not help that we live in the internet society. Wether it be our connection speeds or our relationships we expect everything at Internet speed. The Internet 500 years ago was a carrier pigeon! Nowadays we can send a manuscript, 3 full length movies, a bunch of useless pictures and an adult movie in the same time it takes a pigeon to from your house to the front gate. Because of this marvel of innovative technology we believe we have also progressed as a race. The truth is it has slowed us down dramatically. Our conversation between two people has been cut short. The emotion has been taken out. In the business world this is perfect but in the real world it is setting us up for an oncoming sociological catastrophe. Just take a look at anyone you know. Remember when a divorced person in your school was the odd one out? Now it is beyond commonplace. Not working? Hit the refresh button and try a new page.

This wanting perfection and instantaneous gratification has permeated every part of our lives it has turned health and fitness into a mire of narcissism, self loathing and $10,000 machines. People are currently obsessed with “losing weight”, “getting jacked” or “being ripped”. None of these things sound healthy or fit to me. All of these things sound the absolute opposite. You may say “it’s ok for you to say that, you are in shape”. And I say of course it is. The only difference is that I train for function. Not for form. What does that mean? I shall give you a simple analogy. I want to collect hay. I will shop at John Deer,JCB Or CAT before I even enter a Ferrari dealership. No matter how good it looks the Ferrari will never be able to load hay. And best bets say that the John Deer will work harder and longer than the Ferrari. Side note: Lamborghini built tractors before the thought of a sports car came into the owners head.

What I am trying to say is that people should think function first and form second. Ask your self this question. Would a professional athlete give up the functional strength they have that has afforded them the chance to play a sport they love and make millions while doing it for the sake of a “great body”? I don’t know the mind of every athlete or even pretend to know the vanity that possesses them. What I do know is that the best players on teams are rarely the most ripped or jacked guys on the team. Maybe it is in the place of professional sports that people(the athletes) realize that a good looking physique is rarely the best one.

As a trainer my goal is to satisfy the the wants and needs of a client and tell them that I can make it happen. Not only that, I am expected to tell them WHEN it is going to happen.

Ultimately a coach or trainer should be more interested in the function of a body and not what the body looks like. At the same time out clients should realize with the chemical, biological, mechanical, psychological machine that the human body is, what should be paramount is the function. Turning 60 and having abs is great. But what if you can’t walk because of the seated leg extension machine you killed your knees with when you were 30? I know I would take a few inches on my waist if I could stop that. đŸ™‚

Well people, I could wax lyrical all day about this but I shall not. Just send me a message, post a thought or just say something. I have have my views as I am sure you have your own. I would love to hear them


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