Morning Bootcamp

Today was a great workout! The girls started the day with refining their target practice on the bag, followed by a non-stop punching routine of punch shuffle with various power and speed combos worked in with various bodyweight calisthenics. I am continually surprised by the energy these people have to keep on working out after the boxing. 🙂

Our conditioning session was a total body workout this morning split into two parts. Lower followed by upper. The lower was running based with everything happening outside. Sled pulls, parachute sprints, weight vest shuffles and slalom finished off with a round of suicides ensured their legs got the workout they all wanted(they may say the workout they wanted was carry a glass of wine to the sofa but they would be telling a lie!) We moved inside to hit the upper body with super sets of shoulder press and bent over rows and mixed in pushups and pull ups on the Equalizer bar. That was pretty much it tHis morning.

I will try my best to make this happen for the other groups but when it gets dark those 8 oclockers always get something a little different. They can expect the same format but maybe not the same exercises.

See you guys in the morning!

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