No competition? Really?

Over the past Week or so Brock and I have been visiting schools passing on information to staff about our Bootcamps and the discounts the staff at the schools can receive. On our journeys I have read numerous signs upon entering the schools. The most common is about peanut allergies or having to sign in at the front desk. I even saw a triangular rainbow flag in one of the signs! Excellent! Open minded, forward thinking schools. I like this! But then I saw another sign and it really made me consider what we are teaching our kids. The sign in question was about coaches and the role of coaches in the school environment. I am not sure of the correct wording but it went something like this.

” sports should be played firstly for educational value and secondly physical”

Educational value?!? As my estute friend and business partner told me “if they want educational value, play chess!” I totally agree. Sport is the one place where some people can excell. In the classroom everyone has the chance to shine. Why in sports should it be reduced to a mere educational lesson? Life is full of competition. What are we teaching children from a young age if we are telling them that the only way to get ahead is to work as a team? There is no denying that a lot of people work great as a team but unless you are pushed to be competitive you are never going to know what it is like in the real world. Sports show people that sometimes there are winners and losers. It shows the two sides of life. Why in a society, where we are thinking about teaching 6 year olds sex education and transsexuality, are we afraid to promote competition?

We are all different and we should all be proud of what and who we are. This is great when it comes to sexuality or race. But when it comes to showing that you are faster, stronger and more agile we are told it does not matter.

I may be jumping the gun here and it may have been the belief of just the one school( which I doubt) but it seems that coaches are being told to ignore the talented ones, who may have a great chance to be something special just so other people don’t feel bad. You may say that I am being unfair. Maybe I am. Is it fair that a group of students with a higher intellect get the chance to be in different classes from the the less “smart” ones? I am not here preaching about having a special class for gifted athletes. I am just curious as to how some standards are decided in schools and if they were thought out before they were implemented.

Well my rant is over. See you on the flip side people.

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3 Responses to No competition? Really?

  1. Andrea says:

    I agree 100%!!!! Competition breeds success!

    • Agreed. It’s part of the human condition. But it seems we are trying to sanitize everything and everyone to be neutral, boring, uninspired people. I am on a crusade to change that!

  2. Withani says:

    Everything now has to be politically correct, towards all aspects of life in every social environment. It’s frightening how restricted everyone is forced to become, or face some sort of verbal lashing/punishment.

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