Morning Bootcamp

So its the last day of the first week of bootcamp this month and wow what a week it has been. We have had numerous new people sign up for this intense fat burning, body shaping workout as well as numerous return members.

The new boxing and conditioning format has gone over really well with nothing apart from good things being said about it. The total body workouts have been a lot of fun for me to develop as have the boxing workouts on Brocks end.

The boxing started as usual today with a focus on accuracy and skill on the hand pads. There is always a new combination that will be thrown in there that will confuse our sharp minded boot campers. Following that they worked on the bags with performing 1 minute of straight power power punching mixed in with a plyometric exercise or ab exercise as a rest period.

Conditioning today was pretty simple using the stability ball for 3 minute rounds of 4 different exercises followed by high speed skipping(doubles) for a minute. After a brief and brisk jaunt around the building we performed a few functional exercise using the water filled stability ball and TRX trainer. We went through the above exercises a couple of times and the girls were done.

I can’t wait to get the rest of todays group in tonight so they can enjoy the fun that was had by our 8am group.

Have a great day!

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