Tips for the Thanksgiving holiday

It is a national pastime to expect weight to go up by at least a pound(3500 calories) over the holiday period. Some of you may actually experience closer to 5 pounds over the long weekend. What follows are just mere suggestions. I do not expect you to do all of the thing i suggest in this blog but I do suggest doing at least one.

1. Burn the calories before you put them on
Try and go for a light jog , a brisk walk or ever try out one of my 3 minute workouts to help burn some calories before you gorge yourself into a stupor.

2. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the meal
The positive biological reasons are numerous. But the simple fact is, the more water you have in your stomach the less you will eat. Also alcohol tends to go hand in hand with the food on holidays like this. So to avoid the pre and post sleep hangover H2o is a must.

3. Eat breakfast and lunch
The simple act of eating earlier in the day should suppress your natural urge to over-eat at dinner. It should also stop you from craving all the bad stuff at your Thanksgiving meal.

4.Skip the seconds
Trust me on this one. Have one setting and then wait for desert. Have some left overs the day after. You will thank yourself.

Well those are a few tips you can try. All i have to say is enjoy the weekend and try your best to get at least one of these tips in 🙂

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2 Responses to Tips for the Thanksgiving holiday

  1. withani says:

    They say it can take approx 20mins for your brain to recognize that your stomach is full. So slow down and enjoy 🙂

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