Morning Bootcamp

Welcome back everyone! I always find it interesting after a long weekend. It seems as though our bootcampers and us instructors have been away for weeks and it’s like trying to start a 1980 cutlass in -50 weather. But we have our ways šŸ™‚

Pushing my little mini coupled with three pulling exercises is a sure fire way to get those calories of thanksgiving the boot. Follow that with some tire flips, sledgehammer work, some med ball tosses and an interesting burpee-hop the fence-roll under the fence maneuver and that was the remedy to get people out of the thanksgiving hangover. Wether or not any of them took my pre-thanksgiving tips is another question. But one thing is for sure… They didn’t have a choice taking my post Thanksgiving advice.

I can’t wait to “advise” the other bootcampers tonight!

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