Morning Bootcamp

So after the kickstart to people’s metabolisms yesterday I was all revved up to get these guys onto some serious core work.

Brock took them through some great interval patterns on the bag and mixed in a bunch of body weight exercises to get the fires burning. I followed that up with 11 different core exercises( using the TRX, Equalizer, Kettle Bells, Land mine, Ab wheel, water filled stability ball and medicine ball) to challenge, strengthen and tighten the mid section. Thrown in to the mix was two rounds (3minutes a round) of skipping and a light jog to finish.

Although not the most difficult workout this morning in regards to challenging cardio, it was definitely one that was challenging for all levels irrespective of their core conditioning. “Is this the advanced class?” said a veteran bootcamper. “no” was my answer. Hahahaha!

Have a great day

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