Good morning World!

Great Bootcamp this morning with four girls lighting up the gym with hard work and conviction. After one round of shadow boxing, four rounds of pads, and two rounds of bag work mixed in with obligatory burpees, jump squats and ab work I would have personally said, “see ya later!”. But alas, these people have more gumption than that. I had to devise a plan to stop this madness of unrelenting energy…..

Clean and press with inverted pull ups should do it. Nope. How about some outdoor elastic sprints and some sledge hammer work? Nope, that didn’t work either. So I made them do it again. For good measure I threw in a couple of sprints to try and dampen their fires. We finished off with dips, pull ups and squats.

I must say that whatever it is that Brock and I are doing, it’s working. Our group is getting fitter, stronger and ‘looking’ like they are enjoying the workouts. Plus it’s nice to see that energy levels are up compared to last week. Something about long weekends just seems to sap the life and energy out of people.

Anyhow, have a great day!

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