What does Drew do? Part 1

On many occasions people ask me what I do for my own personal workouts. It’s a tough question to answer as it usually includes numerous different programs all running at once. Over the next few paragraphs I shall try my best to explain what it is I do. Explaining the “why’ is a whole other blog that I shall explain tomorrow.

My week always starts the same. Heavy lifts. The program I currently use is based on my 1rm (one rep max). A one rep max is the maximum amount of weight you can lift one time. If you have any goals for improving your strength it’s imperative that you know these numbers. My heavy lifts range between 75 and 90% of my 1rm on four core lifts. The deadlift. Standing barbell push press. The front squat and power clean. These are the only lifts I perform on this day. You may say, “Is that it?!?!” If I tell you by the end of the workout I have lifted over 2 tons with those 4 exercises you may change your tune. Later on in the day I may shadow box, skip or jog for 30 minutes.

My next workout is usually a total body workout that keeps me moving continually for 30-40 minutes. I very rarely repeat an exercise any more than once. And usually that will be on an exercise that is new to me. I include high reps (15-30) of pull-ups, pushups, kettle bell snatches, swings and anything else you can do with those iron balls. Like the previous day I will do another 20-30 minutes light workout. So running, skipping or shadow boxing.

My third workout of the week is core. I will use as many different tools as I can. From weighted crunches to roman ring leg raises I try to do as many different exercises as possible. Reps range from 6-50 depending on the exercise. The workout may last 30 minutes. I do not do another workout for that day.

My fourth workout has more structure than the previous two. The reps range from 8-12 and I generally do three exercises per muscle group in rotation. For example:

Group 1
1.Incline chest press on the ball
2.Back squats
3.Inverted pull ups

Group 2
1.Handstand pushups
3.Wide grip chin ups

Group 3
2.Lateral hops
3.Upright rows

This is just an example. But I try not to repeat any exercises that I have done in the previous three workouts. So I would not do regular pushups if I had done them on my second workout; but I would do pushups with my feet on the stability ball. It just ensures I don’t have issues with a form of repetitive strain. It gets tricky but it’s quite easy to make it happen after you have been doing it awhile. This workout lasts around an hour.

My fifth workout of the week is whatever I want. If I have any soreness I will avoid doing exercises that directly involve that muscle. I may also do some bag work or pad work depending on who is in the gym.

I usually rest over the weekend and get back to it the next week.

Well that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow to hear the “why” I train this way.

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