Rainy day core blast!

The weather is a little sub par this morning. But I don’t think that was an issue for the girls. Most of them still wanted to run outside? Troopers!

After the indoor warmup of jogging, agility and a few other warm-up exercises, the group was revved up and ready to go. Following their shadow boxing and 4 rounds working the focus pads they started on bag work. 3 or 4 power punches mixed with high speed punching is a sure fire way to get the heart pumping and the arms and core activated.

The TRX and Land Mine created our first core super set mixing lower body flexion (pelvis to sternum) with upper body rotation (turning left to right). The other super set was Russian twists (rotation) with a chest press crunch (flexion, sternum to pelvis). Throw in a round of spider crawls, a round of sit-ups and bicycle crunches, multiply it by 2 and you have a killer core workout perfect for the end of the bootcamp week.

See you guys on the flip side.

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