Morning bootcamp!

Happy hump day all! What a sweet workout this morning. 4 people, quietly focused. Sounds like a plan.

It was dry enough to get the girls out running this morning so off they went. Its odd that missing a few days of running can really make it tough.

After completing combination and target work on the pads the boot campers went through shuffle-punch drills on the bags landing four punch combos mixed in with high speed straight punches. Breaks included restful plyometrics and simple core work.

Our conditioning work further worked on shuffle technique mixed in with some upper body bungee work. I was in a zone for exercises this morning so we moved on to TRX pull ups supersetted with squat thrusts and push ups using our old and battered pink plates. To ensure the legs were awake at this point we went to a round of walking bodyweight lunges and tuck jumps. Deadlifts with a bent over combined with a shorter duration shoulder press was a great compliment to that. To finish the day we had mountain climbers in the TRX and standing cleans to pull every last ounce of exercise energy out of them. OH! I for got to mention we threw in some spider crawls and a couple of 200m sprints in also. 🙂

Cant wait to get the the other groups in to do this exact workout or at least something similar.

Have a great day

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