Balance on a Thursday!

3 people and I decided today was gonna be a little easier than usual. Today was a core day being Thursday but I backed off the intensity a little in Peter to have a bit of fun.

We started with the TRX and Land Mine using the TRX for two if the exercises and the Land Mine for one. After a single round of that. We moved to the stability balls to work on some balance co-ordination on the ball. All exercises were performed (or at ,east they tried) with no contact with the floor. Lying on the ball( facing the ceiling), kneeling on the ball, lying on the ball(face down. After giving the group some time to practices theses different positions I asked them to move from one to the other and then in reverse order without the feet touching the floor! They put forth a fantastic effort. But alas they did not complete the said task. Maybe next week? we finished off with feet on the stability ball walking on the hands across the room and back. Yes it looks exactly as it sounds 🙂

Like I said it was a simple but challenging workout today.

Have a Great day

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