My skewed vision of fitness. Part 2

One thing I have realized over the past decade is that every great trainer has a great philosophy and they stick to it. What I did was I immersed myself in some views of certain trainers and taken what I felt was the best of them and applied to my training and to my clients. I am not a disciple of any particular method, nor am I a wishy washy undirected jelly mould trainer you will find as the staple of most corporate gyms. But what I will do is thank the inspirations that led me down this amazing path of not only physical fitness but also self discovery. There is no way I could mention all of them in this blog but I will certainly mention 3 or 4.

The first is Paul Chek. Paul Chek is the founder of the CHEK Institute. Some people call him a quack, mis-lead and an exercise Nazi but one thing is true. When it comes to his view on machines I certainly agree. I did one course with the CHEK Institute and I realized the beauty of non-machine workouts. Because of this the Swiss Ball(Often wrongly called the exercise ball or balance ball or pilates ball) became my go to piece of apparatus. I also learned that body performed better WITHOUT the use of machine than with. He also has a better body than most so called “fitness” models 15 years his junior and is definitely stronger and more athletic than any of them.

The second is Eugene Sandow. He is not actually a trainer but a strongman and bodybuilder who through research became one of my biggest influences in barbell and kettle bell training. His use of what would be called “old school” bodybuilding methods like the Bent Press(not bench press) have helped me develop a more holistic and unusual way to train for power and strength.

Pavel Tsatsouline. A former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor who has been called “the modern king of kettlebells” for starting the Russian kettlebell revolution in the West. His no nonsense approach to training has rubbed off on me a trainer and as such onto my clients and is seen throughout the classes I teach. His attention to detail(as those mentioned above) is incredible.

There are numerous other trainers that I have trained with and worked with who have all imparted knowledge on me who I cannot remember or get around to writing about. That does not in any way reflect on the information they have shared with me.

My background and schooling in dance and the performing arts has also been a huge help. Learning routines, perfecting movements, creating dance routines and viewing the choreography I have created has also been an experience that I have applied to my trade.

Through using all the experience and knowledge I have gained from the aforementioned trainers I have created my own system for exercise. I cannot take credit for all I have done, as it has been done before me many, many times. But I can take credit for passing on what I feel is the best of all of them.

My system is pretty simple and easy to understand once it has been explained. On my next blog I will explain the system I use with clients of all fitness levels and why everyone starts with same 4 exercises.

Until then. Have a good one!

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