Hi guys!!!

Its been a while since I last posted and my oh my have I been busy!

Its the end of the year and I, like many, are prepping for the New Year. But unlike many I have a slightly different approach. I am not waiting until January to get started, I am getting started 2 weeks ago. Yes i know I messed with passed tense and present tense but you also know my writing skills often have a lot to be desired 🙂

Looking to January as a “new start” has always given us a reason to be lazy and overeat. Thats a cop out. If you think your body should take a month off from doing anything because “you deserve it”, you are wrong. Your body should be even more active now that you have all of this time off. Get out for a cool evening run. Hit the gym up 2 times a day for the next couple of days instead of once over the next 2 weeks. Don’t be a sheep and wander into the gym on Boxing Day because you over ate the night before. Eat and be merry but don’t abuse that fine machine you own. Its called your body and as i have mentioned on previous posts, it needs your help to keep it working well.

I hope this short note will help some of you get out and about today, tomorrow, Christmas Day and Every day until January 1st. If you make the effort today, right now and keep it up over the next 10 days you will not thank me, you will thank yourself.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my followers and be ready for my first blog go the year on January 3rd.

C ya!

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