“Drew, what do you think of….?”

Its the new year and we are all “In The Zone”. What zone that may be I don’t know but we are ready to take on the world and make good on our resolutions. We are willing to try anything to get in shape for the coming year. Everything except putting high calorie food in our mouths.

We will try different fads and things that we think will work. And usually people ask me what i think. I think people believes I have the answer to all fitness and workout questions. I have a lot of answers but I do not have them all. Here are some answers to FAQs.

“Drew, what do you think of yoga? Wont it make you long and lean?”

I get this one at least once a week. I think its great for hip mobility and breathing. Thats about it. It is a stretching class that is designed to get easier. Yes there are some challenging poses and it truly does improve mobility of the joints, I believe it is missing fundamental elements to make a great workout. Strength(this is the most important), dynamic co-ordination and functionality. Although flexibility is fantastic for showing friends you can do the splits, it falls short if you don’t have the sufficient strength to maintain joint stability. Also because of the lack of true dynamic movement it falls short in the functional area also. Having a beautiful warrior pose or downward facing dog is not going to stop you from falling over and maintaining balance through a fast lunge.

As for long lean muscles… You got me there. Long I understand. Lean? HOW???? You cant stretch fat out of the body. So no, it will not make you look leaner. If you want to look leaner do a set of squats, pushups, pull ups and sit-ups in the same time it takes to go through a sun salutation. If you get leaner from the stretching I will eat my shoes (They stick of doritos but i will do it).

Yoga is a fantastic and great addition to any exercise program. I tell all of my client and all of my classes to do it. but you must do other things as well.

“Drew, what do you think about Zumba? Its like dancing at a club *insert giggle and smile*)”
Zumba is awesome… If you can dance. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of fun and if you have not exercised before it will likely help you lose a some of those unwanted pounds. But like a lot of things, once you master the moves, thats it. No extra loading, nothing more. You would be better off kicking and punching a bag if your goal is a great cardio workout that is not treadmill or elliptical machine. But that being said, as a part of a total workout plan it would be awesome as “part” of the solution. Not THE solution.

“Drew will I get BULKY from training with weights, I don’t want to look like a man*insert concerned face*”

I would like to say this…. If you start to look like you have the muscles of a man I suggest you enter female bodybuilding competitions and win. Having been in the industry my entire professional life I have seen women with great genetics struggle to put on significant amounts of muscle mass. Even with the knowledge of specific training techniques that aim for this, it is still hard, hard, hard work.

So if you truly believe that a few hard total body workouts are gonna turn you into a female Terminator, think again.

“Drew, what supplements should I take?”

Sometimes I have the answers and sometimes i don’t. My suggestion would be to talk to a specialist in the area of nutrition. There are some views of thought that think vitamins and supplementation is just a ploy of the manufacturers to get your coin. There are others who believe that eating foods that are so much lower in neccesary vitamins and minerals as there were 50 years ago we should be consuming these supplements like an extra food source. If you want some really good advice on what you should be consuming contact my friend Kay http://www.zomgwellness.com.

“Hey bro!! What can I do to get Jacked?”

This is pretty simple. Stick to the basic weight training movements and lift. Its going to take time. Probably a lot longer than you want but the work will be worth it. Don’t consider steroids unless you are a complete idiot with no mind. At which point you are a zombie and you shouldn’t be reading my blog. You may ask what “basic weight training movements are” I shall discuss this later on in the week with segments on muscle growth, strength, endurance and power. So keep your eyes open.

Thats about it for now. If you have any other questions pertaining to health and fitness please drop me a line at drew@drewwilliamspt.com

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