Fitness Show, here i come!!!

Over the past decade people have always asked me if I have ever entered a competition for fitness or bodybuilding. have always said “NO!”. I have had a few reasons. Mainly because i like bad foods. I eat well 80% of the time but thats it. the rest is whatever i feel. A few days ago, I came to the decision that its about time to see if i can be as disciplined as those exercise fitness models out there. Maybe, maybe not. We shall see. But one thing is for sure, I WILL be entering a competition and it will be either in the spring or the early summer.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I will be giving you daily updates on my progress. I will be video blogging my steps. You will ear a lot of boring stuff like the workouts I have done, the sets, reps, weights, food and whole bunch of other things. If you want to know how I feel and the type of things my body is going to go through, stay tuned!

I will keep you apprised of my weight, physique and personal thoughts and feelings.

Stay posted.

Soo… As of today these are my test results

Deadlft 480lbs
Standing push Press 250lbs
Barbell Back Squat 365lbs
Standing power Clean 250lb

1 mile run-I will do that later and let you know my time
Bodyweight Squats-50 in minute
Pushups 50 in a minute
Inverted Pullups Feet on chair -28 reps in one minute
Dips- 28 to failure. not timed
Pull ups on Roman Rings 12 to failure not timed

I currently weigh 230lbs. I am not sure where my weight is going to go to and I am not really to bothered but I, and now you, know where I am starting. Lets see where I end πŸ™‚

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5 Responses to Fitness Show, here i come!!!

  1. Nicky B says:


  2. Tim says:

    Takes a lotta balls bro! Good on you!

  3. Laura Stewart says:

    YAY, most exciting news ever!! Let’s get ready!!!

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