One for the guys! Pt1

So its the new year and you are on a kick to get bigger, leaner stronger than you have ever been before. Heres the meat… Its going to happen. Heres the Veg…Its gonna be hard work.

Over the next few months I will be taking you through a detailed sure fire way to achieve your goals. If you follow my advice, you will be bigger, leaner, stronger and faster by this time next year. As a matter of fact you will be so different you will not recognize yourself!

I am going to explain the basis of what is going to happen and then I will outline what you can expect to be doing over the next 12 months (If you have an issue with committing for 12 months you are never going to achieve the goals you wish).

This a fancy name for scheduling your workout. Knowing when you are going to be lifting heavy and when you are going to be lifting light. Its putting in the most focused effort at each step to achieve your goal. And that goal is BSF (Bigger Stronger Faster). You want to reach a peak by a certain time in the year. We are going to use June 1st as our date. That is around the time we venture to far off hot places, hit up the cottage and pretty much where far less clothes than what we are wearing now. You are going to be performing different cycles during this 5 month/20 wk cycle. The cycles are as follows.

Power and Strength
This portion will ensure you build sufficient strength to lift the loads for the following cycle. It will also improve tendon and ligament strength giving you more stability at joint level when moving onto the next cycle.

Muscle growth/Hypertrophy
This part of your program will be specifically geared towards your muscles growing and developing larger more visible musculature.

Pre competition/Conditioning
Getting lean and showing off your new found muscles is the whole reason a lot of people work out. But they often fail to realize that intensity needs to go up and calories need to be cut. The conditioning workouts will be gruelling but they will pay off in huge amounts when it comes to hitting the beach, lake, patio or anywhere else you happen to be half naked.

Above I have outlined the 3 key parts to the workout cycle. In each (meso)cycle there are smaller cycles called microcycles. As one mesocycle(power) develops it will be moving towards the next mesocycle(hypertrophy) using microcycles to get there. It may sound a little confusing but it will all begin to make sense as the year rolls on.

Enough talking, lets get started. You will need a few things before we begin on this journey. These are a must.

1. Stopwatch. If it has a countdown timer that is even better.
2. Journal. You must know how much you lifted.
3. Focus and dedication. Nuff said.
4. Calculator. Just a simple piece of equipment that can divide and multiply. It is more important than your gym shoes or your affliction/ufc t-shirt.

That is it for toady. Come back tomorrow with your equipment ready for the testing day. thats right, testing day.

For any questions on this article email

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