How a man should dress part 1

I have been lucky through the course if my life to have some people point me in the right direction in regards to fashion and how to dress. My mother, always having impecabble taste, a conservative style and always believing you should dress for your body type, gave me the base I needed to be well dressed. Always clean, always pressed. You never know who you may meet. I had also had the good luck of working with fashion designers, interior designers and other creative people. All these people have helped me develop my own personal style while maintaining key basics of good dressing.

Now you may ask what I, a personal trainer and fitness guy, knows about the world of dressing and fashion. “MORE THAN YOU!!!” I answer. Granted my knowledge is primarily limited to men but so it should be.

It has always struck me as odd that the people the best bodies dress the worst. Of course I am generalizing but the fact still remains that apart from Italian soccer players, movie stars (who have stylists) and a handful of NFL players, (married to super models) most guys have no clue how to make themselves look good. Some say they don’t want to. More fool them. Most young men with good physiques believe a tight Affliction T-shirt and a pair of distressed Diesel jeans is dressing well. Not so, unless you are Lenny Kravitz or David Beckham. Over the next few mnths I will give you guys the tools you need to be well dressed. It may take time to change your wardrobe and your mind. But by the time we are done there will not be a thing in your drawers and wardrobe that you will not look good in. Please remember this: If you are in shape or are getting IN shape, STAY THAT WAY! Its your body that makes good clothes look GREAT.

The Basics

1. Never wear anything outlandish. You should be dressed in such a way that people can see that you are well dressed but can’t pinpoint why. Your entire outfit should work as a unit.

2.Cleanliness. This cannot be overstated. Unless you are in the woods, hunting wild boar with a 10 inch hunting knife and crossbow there is no excuse for body odour, long nails and grimy clothes. If you can read this online you have the means to shower, bathe, cut your nails and wash your clothes. If you don’t, you have your priorities all wrong. Remember the better you look after your clothes, the longer they will last and the better they will make you look.

3.Know yourself. Know what type of body type you have and dress accordingly. If you have short legs a long body, keep those low rise baggy FUBU pants in the garbage can. A man who knows his physique is more likely to be recognized as a well dressed individual that does not know.

4. Buy the best you can afford. Don’t confuse expense with quality. But generally, especially with footwear, don’t be afraid to spend more than what you are used to. A good pair of shoes, if well maintained, can last your entire life. Learn how to inspect garments and know what a good stitch is.

5. Coordinate. Although your entire outfit does not have to colour coordinate, each piece should compliment the rest. No one article of clothing should overwhelm the rest.

6. While there are some rules that you should try and follow that does not mean you cannot have personal expression. If that was the case we would all be dressed in monotone clothing. that is not what I am trying to make happen. Have a “style” but “know” how to make it work within the confines of good taste and dressing.

These are some brief outlines on how to dress. Keep your eyes open for my next post: How a man should dress-The Suit

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