One for the guys Pt2

In order to reach your full physical potential you need to know what your current potential is. You need to know way you are capable of and what your limitations are. The following test shall set the standard for your future workouts and will also give you the tools you need to become bigger, stronger, faster and leaner. We will be testing a few different things today. Strength, endurance and flexibility. Be sure to mark down all results in your journal and if at all possible put them on your computer somewhere.

In between each test allow 3-5 minutes of recovery.
Always perform tests in the same order.
Do not over inflate your test scores. Keep it real or your results will be fake.
Follow the technical instruction for the tests from the videos below.

1. Deadlift 1rm
2. Standing Shoulder Press 1rm
3. Barbell back Squat 1rm
4. Power Clean 1rm
5. Chin ups Failure

1. 1 mile run
2. Full bodyweight squats 1 minute
3. Pushups 1 minute
4. Inverted pullups 1 minute
5. situps

Now you have the raw results its time to make use of them.

Come back tomorrow and we will start to piece together your strength and power workouts.
For technique pointers I have attached some great youtube tutorials as it does not make sense for me to re-invent the wheel 🙂


Push press/jerk


Power Clean


Sit ups
Lying on your back fingers on your temples with the feet unanchored, sit up until your elbows pass your knees and then back to the start position with the fingers at the temples.

Inverted Pullup (Perform with feet on bench)


Pull up/Chin up

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