The interesting thing about winners

I was driving along listening to talk radio this morning when I heard a commercial that really bothered me. I may be a little off on the script but it went something like this:

Kid 1:I want to be the goalie who lets in the winning goal
Kid 2: I want to be the batter who strikes out with the bases loaded

The commercial ends with some random saying “Its better to have the chance to lose than not to have played at all”. I will get back to this. At the end of last week I was watching the NFL network and saw some clips of Cam Newton, quarterback of the Panthers and there is no doubt in my mind or anyone who has seen him that he HATES losing. These are his words… “I hate losing, I hate losing”. And you believe him.

If you had the chance to read my blog about competition it elaborates on my feelings about this. Truly, sport is about the playing. But the key is to win. Not to lose. If you lose, you are that, a loser! It may strike you as cold and heartless and to be honest I don’t care! To aim for the mediocre, to strive for average is not what created the life we have today. My grandparents and great grandparents help WIN the war. If they were in it for the participation I would not be writing this blog in English. You may argue that we are not talking about war. We are talking about games and sport. What are games and sport if not rehearsal or a miniature version of war, using tactics, trickery and the skill of a few to push the balance in your favour.

I ask if this is a form of discrimination against the talented. We live in a results driven society where speed and getting things done well are paramount and being the best at what you do helps your life to be better. Maybe if we tell everyone its not about the competition but about the sport the good will become average and the average will become umm… more average?

Let us push children and adults alike that it is OK to win. It is ok to be first. I am not saying that being second is a bad thing. It means that you have the chance to win! If you come in last, think about doing something else. I believe we all have talents which will help us win. But as trainers, coaches, teachers and human beings we need to be honest with people. The simple statement of “This is not the sport/subject/job for you” should not be looked upon as a negative. It should be looked upon as a chance to do something that they can truly excel in.

Sean Connery has a funny line in “The Rock”

Losers whine about doing their “best”. Winners go home and f&^% the prom queen”

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