One for the guys Pt 3

Grab your calculators and your strength results gentlemen, its time to start the work.

For the sake of argument I am going to use increments of 100lbs for all of the tests. It makes it easier to explain and will help you understand what you should be doing.

Deadlift 300lb
Shoulder Press 100lb
Back Squat 200lb
Power Clean 100lb

The key to improving strength and power is to load the muscle to near failure with a heavy weight as often as possible. Now the weight you should be lifting should be heavy for you. not what your buddy can do or what he/she thinks you can do. HONESTY to yourself will help you develop a lot faster than lying to yourself. Its a simple way to look at it but the human body works in simple ways. That being said enough research has been done to allow us to do this in the safest way possible. The Percentages that follow were not invented by me. But by guys in the gym and sports scientists alike. I have taken the best of what I know and given you the cream.

For each of your lifts you are going to work out he following percentages.


example Deadlift

100lb, 110,120, 130,140,150,160,170,180,190

And the same goes for the 3 other exercises.

Once you have worked out these percentages we can get started on week 1-6 of your program. In this program you will have one “core” exercise (1 of the above 4 movements) on each day. During the 6 week program volume will change and the percentages lifted will change. It is important to stick to the program as closely as possible.

Week 1
Day 1

Deadlift (you will take a 3 minute break between each set)
Set 1 60% 5 reps Set 2 65% 5reps Set3 70% Failure

Jump Squats (continual motion) 2 minute break between sets
3 sets of 30 seconds. Leap as high as possible, landing soft and smooth straight into the squat.

Alternating lunges
3 sets 12 reps TOTAL(6 on each side)
Always start light and progressively get heavier. If you get less than a total of 10 reps then you should make the weight lighter.

Day 2

Shoulder Press (3 minutes break between sets)
Set 1 60% 5 reps Set 2 65% 5reps Set3 70% Failure

Pushups(Continual) (2minutes break between each set)
3 sets of 30 seconds as fast as you can maintaining good form

Dips (2 minutes break between each set)
3 sets to failure


Power Clean (3 minutes between sets)
Set 1 60% 5 reps Set 2 65% 5reps Set3 70% Failure
Wide grip chin ups
3 sets to failure
Bent over row(Palms facing forward)
3 sets 6-10reps
Day 4
Situps 3 sets of 1 minute. 1 minute break between sets
Leg Raises 3 sets 12-15 1 minute break between sets
Bicyle Crunches 3 sets of 1 minute 1 breaks
Plank 1 set to failure

20-30 minutes of cardio

Day 5
Set 1 60% 5 reps Set 2 65% 5reps Set3 70% Failure

Juming Lunges
30 seconds jumping high as possible with 2 minute breaks
If you manage to complete 3 sets of 30 sets without stopping add weight by holding dumbbells to your side. Start VERY, VERY light. albs in each hand is sufficient. Once you can manage this, go 2-4lbs heavier.

Sumo Squats

3 sets of 6-8 reps
Use around 25% of your deadlift 1rm when starting until you have correct form.

Although this workout may seem lacking and is very simple its important to remember that the key to these early workouts is to build strength and power in your muscle groups. Numerous exercises will lead to over training and will slow down your progress.

If you wish to add supplemental lifts into this equation feel free. But please try not to add any single joint movements like curls, leg extension or pec fly. NOT YET!!

If this is confusing shoot me a message and I can send you a simple excel program to enter your workout on.. NOT the percentages. Thats your job but the numbers so its easy to log.

You are going to continue this workout for 4 weeks. The only thing that is going to change from week to week is the percentages. Below are the reps and percentages for weeks 2, 3 and 4

Week 2
70, 75, 80 for 3 reps for the first 2 sets and as many as you can n the last

Week 3
80, 85,90 for 1 rep for the first 2 sets and as many as you can for the last

Week 4
3 sets of your 1rm (If you manage more than 1 thats great but you are aiming for arm at 3 attempts)

As mentioned earlier,keep the workout the same but only change the reps and weights for the first exercise on each day apart from core.

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