The best things in life…

Before reading this post please watch the attached video. Just copy and paste into your browser then head back on to this post. Thankyou 🙂

I was having a conversation with one of my clients recently on the topic of holidays. she said something which really made me think a good holiday with good friends is priceless. Granted the destination she chose was a little out of my price range but the the principle was simple. Get away with good friends, relax and laugh. “Laugh until your cheeks hurt!” is what she said. I could not agree more.

We seem to spend our life rushing from one place to the next, caught in a never ending “to do” list of life. Very rarely do we stop and enjoy what comes for free for most of us. And the best thing for you is laughter. Its free, it feels great and it can be an awesome ab workout! What more do you need?

Here are some simple tips to follow for laughter(yes I am giving you tips:

1. Smile
2. If you hear laughter, move toward it. maybe you will see what is funny and it will make you laugh. Maybe not. but what have you got to lose.
3.Hang around funny people. Pretty simple. If you are around miserable and sad people, you will reciprocate.
4.Play with a pet. (I prefer dogs. cats don’t seem like the happy type)
5. Go to a comedy club. Yes there are some really bad acts out there. But remember, these people are trying to make you laugh. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hopefully you will try some of these things and it will make your life seem just a little better.

Have a happy day

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