1 dumbbell

Two days a ago I was asked told by a friend that he was a little lost in what to do with one of his workouts. Basically he had run out of ideas. POFFYCOCK!

I told him that he had to limit his use of equipment to 1 dumbbell. I can’t remember what weight I told him to use but it was between 20-40lb.

I told him to exhaust all possible movements with just the 1 dumb bell. If you are currently as lost as he was, I will give you an idea.

1.squats(front squat position)
2.1 arm shoulder press
3.bent over row
4.over head tricep extension
5.seated twists
7.2 handed swings
8. Chest press(incline optional) on stability ball
9.1 arm snatch
10. Turkish get up
11. Single leg deadlift
12. Upright row

There are 12 exercises that took 4 minutes to come up with.

Remember when exercising, there is nothing limiting you apart from your imagination. As long as its safe, your spine is in a neutral position and you are not experiencing discomfort you can find many ways to use just one piece of equipment. So next time you are at home and you can’t make it to the gym, pick up that “light” dumb bell set and make your own workout.

Have a great day!


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