How a man should dress- The Suit

As men it seems the only exposure we get to good dressing is a comment from a girl about her “Gay Friend” or about the latest Bradley Cooper movie where he has been dresses by Versace or Gucci and had to put no thought into his style. That being said i am sure his idea of style has been changed since his days as the dork in Alias with Jennifer Garner.

The first suit a man should invest in the male version of the LBD-The Little Black Dress. We all need a GDS- Good Dark Suit. Not black though. Black washes out and will make you look like you are going to a funeral. Only a Tuxedo should be black. A good suit has many uses from a big job interview to use of the well tailored jacket to wear with a pair of good fitting jeans for a night out at the bar or club.

There are steps and levels to buying a suit. And the top step you can buy is Bespoke. the levels come from fabric choice. The term “Bespoke” comes from “Been spoken for”. In days when suits were common place a gentleman would approach a tailor, chose his cloth of choice and reserve it for his own custom made suit. One must understand that such a purchase will leave a serious dent in your pocket but will be a worthwhile investment. A bespoke suit can range from around $3000 up to $20,000 depending on the fabric chosen. Fabric is a whole other blog.

If you choose to take the route of Bespoke you will more than likely take better care of your physique as such a large investment in clothes should keep you wanting to fit into that tailored outfit. Now you know why women have an expensive set of jeans that they try on sporadically but always seem to complain about not fitting into. Because they know they should!

Made to measure
With made to measure you are usually fitted with the closest fit of a jacket that a tailor has on hand and then adjustments are made to make the jacket fit. This unlike Bespoke does not take into the account the slope of your shoulders, or fit around the hips and waist. Although not a perfect fit you will get more pleasure wearing this than you will from a ready to wear. A made to measure suit will set you back

Ready to wear
This can be hit or miss and with suits it is usually a big miss. As suggested earlier the bespoke suit is the best option. It fits perfectly. The ready to wear option will not fit you properly. You may ask what I mean and i shall tell you. This stands true to any male who who may workout more than once every other week. Walk into a store that sells suits. Does the Jacket you are wearing fit correctly at the waist with very little fabric to tug at. If you look at the silhouette(outline) of the bespoke suit above and the cut of the off the rack to left you will see the difference.

There are many more things to ooh for when buying a suit but I have kept it simple for you. Inverst in a good suit and it will pay you back ten fold.

So now you have an idea about how to chose a suit and what to look for go forth and be dressed well!

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