Then there was an excuse..”I am too..”

Its early in the year and the gym memberships are growing at an exponential rate. Then comes April and the the memberships decrease at the same rate. What can we do to keep these people working out. To keep them active. I am not about to have a dig at inactive people. I have never been like and have had a different upbringing to them so I cannot expect them to view movement the same way as myself. That being said I know how much better they would and will feel about themselves if they only stayed consistent.

As people we should encourage people to get fit and healthy. We should be in their ears telling them how great they will feel instead of telling them they need to get to a gym. I imagine that most people who are overweight and out of shape are completely aware of it. We need to find a way to make them feel comfortable in the gym.

How do we do this?

Fortunately if you are reading this blog you have the ability to make a difference. You have the know how and the tools to make someone feel great and keep them going to the gym. Lets make use of the gyms. Lets make them so busy that they have to buy the building next door and the houses across the block to support the 3-7,000 members that will all be coming at the same time. Do me and your fellow human being a favour next time you see one at the gym wandering around with no direction. Spend 15 minutes showing them some basics and let them know you can help them. You will be surprised at home much a little bit of help can go a long way. Squats, push ups sit-ups and sweat. Pass that message on and they will feel great for learning something. Conversely you will feel great for teaching them. Its what i do every day and why I love it.

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