Fitness show prep. part 2

So… it has been a little while since my last post about my training. In all honesty it has been really tough to find the show I would like to enter. There are 2 federations that i would like to compete in with 2 separate categories. In the OPA I want to compete in the physique category but it seems that they are not running this in Canada canada currently … WTF?!?!? Why would they have it posted on the website if it is not happening? Very annoying. The other federation is the IFBB in the category Athletic Fitness. This one really appeals to me as its is not just a contest based on your physique and how it looks. A person is also judges upon 3 separate fitness tests. Chin ups, dips and a rowing test. ALL of theses exercises are favourites of mine.One catch… They are all taking place in the U.S of A! not a problem though, I can fly or drive. But… you have to be an American citezen in order to compete in the events. they have European events but I am afraid my cash will not send me that Although I am a British subject and it would mean so many more chances for competition. Oh well, i will continue to train hard and look for something in the late spring or early summer.

Next week I will fill you in on my progress thus far with my physique, training and diet.

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