“I don’t want to get big!!” “my legs grow quickly!”

The title of this blog should ring true with any of you. By “many” I mean the female populous.

The statement “I don’t want to get too big” is THE most ridiculous statement ever to said to a trainer. Firstly, most people have come to a trainer because they have got “too big”. Secondly, if its muscle you are worried about gaining, you should re-think your priorities. Just to touch on the priorities quickly. 50% of women 50 and over will suffer some form of osteoporosis in their time. the only way to slow this is by weight bearing exercise. Secondly, the muscles of the legs are the quickest group to lose mass when under stimulated. In other words, fear the muscle and lose the ability to stand, walk, run, play and help yourself. OR, get some QUADs. Back to my point… Thirdly and finally, it takes work. Lots and lots of hard work to build muscular, strong, athletic legs. I would challenge you to try and get some. At that point ask your girlfriends what they think. There is one answer. “wow! you have amazing legs, I wish i could have legs like that!” or “Don’t yo think they look a bit manly? i think you are over doing it at the gym. you should enjoy yourself a little.” The last statement means exactly the same as the first one. The only difference is the words used and more than likely the only cottage cheese this person will see is on their body. They will also be the ones trying to make you eat the food that is made for “life’s enjoyment” or the wine that lets you “live a little”.

Below are 4 pictures. 1 picture is of a female bodybuilder who uses all the drugs it takes to win a body building competition. The other is of a woman who has lots of curves and is widely regarded as one of the sexiest women to ever walk the face of the planet. The last is a fitness model. i you train hard with weights you will have the chance to look more like the last 2 than the first one. but if you find yourself becoming like the first one or even close, become a bodybuilder because you have genetics that no other person on the planet has and you are a true anatomical anomaly.

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