Training as a couple

It is often said that doing things together as a couple helps make the relationship stronger. I agree. Just be careful when entering the gym…

It can be a recipe for disaster or a fun time which leaves you both hot and sweaty. And i think I am right in saying, any extra stamina is always welcome in a relationship. Follow these simple rules and hopefully you will be grunting and groaning through your workout with your significant other. Better that than screaming in annoyance.

1. Designate the leader. This is key. In every relationship there is give and take. In the gym is no different. One must lead the way or you will literally start off on the wrong foot.

2. Plan.Talk about whet you are going to do. If one day you will be focusing on lower body (yes guys, women look at your ass as well as your arms) then the next time you are in, focus on upper body.

3. Be flexible. this is a two prong meaning. f there are exercises that one of you cannot do, find an alternative movement. Remember to stretch and to out it at the end of your workout. Simple partner routines are available online from numerous sources. Use them. They will bring you closer to each other than you may have been in a while!

4. Overlifting/Overestimating. A common mistake i see in the gym with partners working out is guys giving girls more than they can lift. or guys lifting more than they think they can in order to impress the significant other. Give your partner the chance to say its to heavy. Do not try and convince them. JUST AGREE and make the weight lighter. Guys don’t be strongmen. Lift what you can. By all means train hard. but remember this should be a way to help you both in and out of the gym.

5. Have fun. Do a class after your gym workout. get involved in some personal training sessions together. You never know, you may have some fun!

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