Lulu is fashion and fitness? Really?


If I only new this fact when I was 10. I would not have bothered to take up Judo or Tae Kwon Do. My parents could have also realized that going for a run every day and working out at the gym was actually a waste of time when all they had to do was put on a pair of tight thick leggings! It all makes sense now. And that odd insignia with 1990s Jennifer Anniston hair. What is that about?

Ok, so i guess you get my point. But do you? When did workout clothes become a part of everyday life? OH! its comfy. Gross! Workout clothes are for working out and personal trainers at work. Side note: I hired a girl once at a restaurant(yes I worked in a restaurant) and she wore black yoga pants to work. I sent her home and told her to get dressed for work. Apparently this caused her to cry. Well I cannot say I am sorry.

I am surprised that so many people think its ok to dress his way. I think it stems from the idea that “Lulus make your bum look good!”. NOT FROM MY STANDPOINT. If you have a saggy flat bum, no pant will fix that. Work out for crying out loud. Then you can wear anything and make your bum will look good. Even if they do make you bum look better, its like the wonder bra. Take them off and what are you left with. Well I hope you get my point.

Rant over.

Well not quite. $90-$100 for a pant. $30 kettle bell 30lbs… One actually makes your butt and body look better.

If you workout, ignore this message

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