5 exercises for a better butt

You want toned…. hang on. Before we continue this I want to clarify a few things. I hear you all out there in blogworld saying “Here he goes again!”. Well, here I go again *insert an ear to ear grin*. Toning, shaping, sculpting or defining is just a mask word for building muscle and dropping body fat. these words are used to make them seem less threatening. In actuality they are said to make it sound easier. I think you should know what you are getting yourself in for and thats muscle building and fat loss. End of conversation.

With that out of the way we will talk about the exercises that will give you the best bang for you butt! Ah.. that sounded weird. hmmm.. Let us continue.

Be sure to realize that when training for a nice pair of gluteus you are going to be training other parts of the leg and lower body too. I will explain no isolation exercises as they may cause a muscular imbalance in the hip and knee joint, especially in a beginner. So for now 5 simple, but tough movements for your butt.

1. Squats. This exercise is not only great for building muscle in the gluteus and legs but has great carry over strength for sports and everyday living. Follow the link below for technical advice

2. Sprinting. Sprinting will give you the firmest gluteus know to man. but sprinting is not easy to do. Remember it is not running fast. It is an all out full blast of speed. I would suggest hiring an athletic coach to teach you this amazing and fast working form of exercise. Its not just good for the legs but the entire body!

3. Long Lunges. What an excellent exercise for stimulating the musculature right at the crease where the back of the leg meets the butt. One thing to make sure while doing lunges is to make the step LONG! As long as you can.

4. Lateral Hops or skaters really help stimuate deeper muscles of the hip joint like the piriformis. You may ask what the piriformis is? That question will be answered when you do the movement. You will feel it deep in your outer glute.

5. Hip extensions on the stability ball. The action of the hip during this exercise is similar (not the same) as sprinting. Due to the extended range of motion you will hit the entire gluteal area.

I hope you try these exercises out at the gym and they help shape the behind you have always wanted.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment or message me at drew@drewwilliamspt.com

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