Workout shoes:The truth is…

On average, each one of us will take between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day.

Its been decades since people wore the correct foot wear for workouts. It seems that sports companies make numerous types of “running” shoe and very few workout shoes.

The sometimes smelly appendage that hangs off the bottom of your leg lies at the base of the kinetic chain and is the only part of the body that relies on the ground to create movement. The structure and coordination of the foot is key to creating fluid movement throughout the rest of the kinetic chain. Any issues with the biomechanical function of the foot means a problem in the biomechanical function of the rest of the body.

The foot works very well, especially when bare. Athletic should be designed to assist the foot and not take it away from its primary function, movement.

Over the years certain types of footwear have become fashionable and been reputed as good and comfortable. We are all familiar with those gross looking rubber clogs or with the amazing Birkenstock shoes.These shoes are fantastic…When you are standing still! But as soon as you start walking they cause serious issues with the feet and body. the same can be said about shoes for men and women. Oxford style shoes for men are the best to wear although some flexibility s allowed as long as the shoe has only a medium height heel. I am not going to start telling the ladies out there to ditch the stilettos because 1. I don want them to and 2. I may start receiving hate mail. The same rules apply for athletic shoes. One of the biggest problems with athletic shoes is that people wear ones with too thick of a sole. The body is wired to function with foot to be low to the ground, the higher your shoe is off of the ground the worse it is for your body. Brands of shoes that often work well are Diesel, Puma, Adidas, Converse, Kenneth Cole, Ecco, Mephisto, and many other brands with laces and proper fit.

If you don’t believe me go and visit your local Podiatrist.

Hoep this helps you think next time you pick up a pair of “sweet” Nike training shoes. They will look great for a short time but will more than likely hurt you. Remember, you should wear shoes for the activity you are taking part in.

P.s. running shoes are the worst type of gym workout shoe you can wear.

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