Big brains…

“I dont ned to work out” 

When I hear that r any of the other common statements about working and activity it makes me think of the deep sea creature that ejects its brain once it has settled on a rock. Never to move again. 

Why are our brains so large? Its quite simple. Because of movement. The human body is capable of complex muscular contractions unlike any other living species on out planet. Sprinting, jumping, throwing darts, hitting a tiny white ball 400 yards into a hole the size of a cup in just 4 attempts. As well as this, the ability to breath and talk are all things that require precision of movement.

We are not deep sea creatures. We are creatures with brains designed for movement and activity. I do not need to cite one hundred different articles on the benefits of activity. It is apparent in our society what happens when we don’t move. It is also apparent when we do. 

So next time someone says “I don’t need to work out”. Answer them by saying “No you don’t, but your brain does.”


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