Lulu is fashion and fitness? Really?


If I only new this fact when I was 10. I would not have bothered to take up Judo or Tae Kwon Do. My parents could have also realized that going for a run every day and working out at the gym was actually a waste of time when all they had to do was put on a pair of tight thick leggings! It all makes sense now. And that odd insignia with 1990s Jennifer Anniston hair. What is that about?

Ok, so i guess you get my point. But do you? When did workout clothes become a part of everyday life? OH! its comfy. Gross! Workout clothes are for working out and personal trainers at work. Side note: I hired a girl once at a restaurant(yes I worked in a restaurant) and she wore black yoga pants to work. I sent her home and told her to get dressed for work. Apparently this caused her to cry. Well I cannot say I am sorry.

I am surprised that so many people think its ok to dress his way. I think it stems from the idea that “Lulus make your bum look good!”. NOT FROM MY STANDPOINT. If you have a saggy flat bum, no pant will fix that. Work out for crying out loud. Then you can wear anything and make your bum will look good. Even if they do make you bum look better, its like the wonder bra. Take them off and what are you left with. Well I hope you get my point.

Rant over.

Well not quite. $90-$100 for a pant. $30 kettle bell 30lbs… One actually makes your butt and body look better.

If you workout, ignore this message

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Simple carbs/complex carbs

This is going to be a pretty short post to help people understand what the basic difference between simple and complex carbs. To put it even more simply lets look at is as refined vs unrefined. To understand this you will need two pots of water, 1 slice of bread, 2 shells of pasta (white/wholewheat/wholegrain-its all the same mess), a head of broccoli and a carrot.

Bring both pots of water to the boil. Drop the pasta and the bread in one pot and the veg in the other. Leave for 10 minutes with the lid on and come back. keep the lid on. take them off the heat and let sit for 10 minutes. open the lid.

On one side you will see that the carbs have broken down easily and on the other you will see them still in tact. Equal amounts of energy have been spent on both but only one trys to hd onto to its energy. One will flood the system with its potential energy while the other will take its time to give up its energy and nutrients.

It seems that because we live in a world that is fast paced we believe we NEED to consume food as fast as possible we go for the mess in the pot and not for the coloured good food.

Think about it next time before you eat a sandwich.

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Training as a couple

It is often said that doing things together as a couple helps make the relationship stronger. I agree. Just be careful when entering the gym…

It can be a recipe for disaster or a fun time which leaves you both hot and sweaty. And i think I am right in saying, any extra stamina is always welcome in a relationship. Follow these simple rules and hopefully you will be grunting and groaning through your workout with your significant other. Better that than screaming in annoyance.

1. Designate the leader. This is key. In every relationship there is give and take. In the gym is no different. One must lead the way or you will literally start off on the wrong foot.

2. Plan.Talk about whet you are going to do. If one day you will be focusing on lower body (yes guys, women look at your ass as well as your arms) then the next time you are in, focus on upper body.

3. Be flexible. this is a two prong meaning. f there are exercises that one of you cannot do, find an alternative movement. Remember to stretch and to out it at the end of your workout. Simple partner routines are available online from numerous sources. Use them. They will bring you closer to each other than you may have been in a while!

4. Overlifting/Overestimating. A common mistake i see in the gym with partners working out is guys giving girls more than they can lift. or guys lifting more than they think they can in order to impress the significant other. Give your partner the chance to say its to heavy. Do not try and convince them. JUST AGREE and make the weight lighter. Guys don’t be strongmen. Lift what you can. By all means train hard. but remember this should be a way to help you both in and out of the gym.

5. Have fun. Do a class after your gym workout. get involved in some personal training sessions together. You never know, you may have some fun!

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Fitness show prep. part 2

So… it has been a little while since my last post about my training. In all honesty it has been really tough to find the show I would like to enter. There are 2 federations that i would like to compete in with 2 separate categories. In the OPA I want to compete in the physique category but it seems that they are not running this in Canada canada currently … WTF?!?!? Why would they have it posted on the website if it is not happening? Very annoying. The other federation is the IFBB in the category Athletic Fitness. This one really appeals to me as its is not just a contest based on your physique and how it looks. A person is also judges upon 3 separate fitness tests. Chin ups, dips and a rowing test. ALL of theses exercises are favourites of mine.One catch… They are all taking place in the U.S of A! not a problem though, I can fly or drive. But… you have to be an American citezen in order to compete in the events. they have European events but I am afraid my cash will not send me that Although I am a British subject and it would mean so many more chances for competition. Oh well, i will continue to train hard and look for something in the late spring or early summer.

Next week I will fill you in on my progress thus far with my physique, training and diet.

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“I don’t want to get big!!” “my legs grow quickly!”

The title of this blog should ring true with any of you. By “many” I mean the female populous.

The statement “I don’t want to get too big” is THE most ridiculous statement ever to said to a trainer. Firstly, most people have come to a trainer because they have got “too big”. Secondly, if its muscle you are worried about gaining, you should re-think your priorities. Just to touch on the priorities quickly. 50% of women 50 and over will suffer some form of osteoporosis in their time. the only way to slow this is by weight bearing exercise. Secondly, the muscles of the legs are the quickest group to lose mass when under stimulated. In other words, fear the muscle and lose the ability to stand, walk, run, play and help yourself. OR, get some QUADs. Back to my point… Thirdly and finally, it takes work. Lots and lots of hard work to build muscular, strong, athletic legs. I would challenge you to try and get some. At that point ask your girlfriends what they think. There is one answer. “wow! you have amazing legs, I wish i could have legs like that!” or “Don’t yo think they look a bit manly? i think you are over doing it at the gym. you should enjoy yourself a little.” The last statement means exactly the same as the first one. The only difference is the words used and more than likely the only cottage cheese this person will see is on their body. They will also be the ones trying to make you eat the food that is made for “life’s enjoyment” or the wine that lets you “live a little”.

Below are 4 pictures. 1 picture is of a female bodybuilder who uses all the drugs it takes to win a body building competition. The other is of a woman who has lots of curves and is widely regarded as one of the sexiest women to ever walk the face of the planet. The last is a fitness model. i you train hard with weights you will have the chance to look more like the last 2 than the first one. but if you find yourself becoming like the first one or even close, become a bodybuilder because you have genetics that no other person on the planet has and you are a true anatomical anomaly.

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What do you do with your calories?

There are numerous ways to expend calories. From walking to running to sitting in front of the TV, it is your choice how you choose to spend energy.

Ronnie Coleman, winner of the Olympia Title a record 8 times chooses to spend his 10,000 calories a day (Yes 10,000) on developing the size of his muscles in preparation for competition. He weighs 330lbs in his off season and 297 in his competitive form.

Vince Wilfork, nose tackle of New England Patriots, winner of 1 super bowl and 4 time pro bowl selection weighs in at a cool 323 lbs. Although he is “overweight” there are very few men his size (apart from other NFL players) who are as fast and agile as he. Like Coleman, he will consume around 10,000 calories a day during training camp and maybe reduce to a round 7,000 during regular season.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson WWE superstar and word famous action hero weighs in at around 275lbs. He is a large man carrying a lot of muscle. I imagine his weight will fluctuate u and down + or- 15lbs depending on his role. He consumes around 6000 calories a day, mixing up weight training with various other cardio vascular exercises.

Hugh Jackman of X-men fame gained some serious size for his role in Wolverine Origins, adding 30bls to hi 6 foot 2 inch frame. He consumed around 6,000 calories a day in order to get into the shape he did for his portrayal of one of the most famous anti-heroes in comic book history.

Navy Seals/Special Forces Comandos are known to consume between 5,000 and 10,000 calories a day depending on the training they are taking part in. I want you to imagine the kind of exertion it takes to expend these calories from a man who weighs between 175 and 210 lbs. Now they may not be able to give you dietary advice but I know who i would want running after a terrorist. And it isn’t “The Rock” or Ronnie coleman!

Michael Phelps, multi gold medalsit, weed smoker at 6 feet 4 inches and around 200lbs eats like the proverbial horse(or should i say nose takle). Over the course of a hard training day he will consume up to 10,000 high quality calories and he very rarely sees a weight room!

The average American consumes 4000 calories a day. Thats 1500-2000 more than they should on a regular day. Add to this North Americans are the laziest people on the planet, having more drive throughs per capita than any other nation in the civilized world(so lazy that they can’t even walk for the food and drink they eat), is it sup rising that so many people are over weight?

I have had enough of hearing that its not a persons fault for being overweight. YES IT IS! Above there are lists of people who consume more calories in one day than most of us should in a week, yet they manage to keep the body they WANT and NEED. They all look different but they all have the body needed to either keep them healthy or to make them money.

Something to think about.

And leave Wilfork alone. He has to be that heavy to stop the guy opposite him from ramming his head through his shoulder pads.

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Get started now for next year!

The new year is only 92 days away. Now is the time to make a change. I see you frowning, asking yourself what the hell it is I am babbling on about.

Too many times we get caught in the habit of “I’ll do it next year” or we get 7 months through the year and think “It going to be my New Years resolution to *insert goal*”. Procrastination friends, is not a good way to achieve what it is you want. Lets thank whoever it is you pray to that Thomas Edison didn’t procrastinate. Martin Luther King did not procrastinate. Steve Jobs did not procrastinate. You may think that you are nothing like these people. You would be completely wrong because you are. You, like MLK, have the ability to do great things and all you have to do is get off your ass, get off of Facebook and Just Do it!

If there is something you have wanted to do, get started now. As in at this moment! I don’t care where you are or what you are doing. If you have the time to read this you have the time get started. If it is to get in better shape, make your plans for how and when every spare minute you have. If it is to educate yourself, make plans and get educated.

See ya!

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